Monday, March 12, 2012

Mission Complete: Nursery

We FINALLY have the nursery completed! yay. Yay. YAY!!!! The only thing missing is the area rug. It's on order, but hasn't shipped yet. I've gotten a notification that it's processing, but the ship date has been pushed back. I'm sad about this news. :( At least everything else is done. :)

Take a look-see:

This dadgum vinyl decal on the wall apparently was exposed to too much heat in shipping and is NOT sticking to the wall. Trey says it will be on the floor in the morning. Unfortunately I believe him. I've already had to press it back on about 3 times. :( Not sure what I'm going to do about that, besides pout about it.

The rug that I'm waiting on is pictured at the bottom. My posting is acting weird and not letting me caption the photos for some reason.... ??

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