Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Snoogle

Last weekend I went to Tyler to visit my sister and hang out with some friends...and while we were there we went shopping in Canton. Ok, ok. We made the trip up there that particular weekend first for Canton and the hanging out was just a bonus. We did our shopping on Saturday and then on Sunday, Danielle and her friend Lindsey took me to Babies R Us to help me get my first registry going, as they are the resident "baby stuff" experts. Lindsey also gave me this way cool "snoogle" pillow to allow for comfortable sleeping for pregnant women. I must say - WOW. I love it. Trey tries to steal it from me on a regular basis.

The Snoogle:

Canton was a bit disappointing; it was WAY too crowded, with too many dogs and I just didn't get near the shopping done that I was hoping, but we had fun anyway. The registering was only partially successful because Target was being ridiculous and uncooperative, so we only got to finish at Babies R Us. The good news is that I was able to get Trey to actually participate in the 2 remaining registries at home: Target and Pottery Barn Kids. Shocking. I know. That being said, ALL 3 registries are complete! YAY. I'm so relieved.

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