Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ren Fest

Today we went to the Renaissance Festival. I have photos that will not disappoint. And memories that will give me nightmares that I could not get to the camera in time for. These people, I swear, are something else. I just don't understand what could possess them to; 1) WANT to dress like this and 2) THINK they SHOULD dress like this. Unbelieveable.

The food though, is a pregnant woman's paradise. I had chocolate covered strawberries, a chocolate covered banana, fresh squeezed lemonade, {yes, I disregarded the fruit/sugar comment from the doctor for today} fried alligator, cajun chips, roasted corn, and a couple bites of Trey's apple dumplings.

These guys were head-to-toe black in back AND front:

uhm, nice flower.

Pretty sure I know what that kid is looking at (good thing he has on sunglasses):

"black swan" mid transition??: (Kaila was a bit scared to get TOO close)

because ALL meat is better on a stick:

she hit him in the throat!!:

Tom Hanks in "The Money Pit"??:

me and Kaila:


  1. Someone told me not to take the girls on the weekends because of people dressing like that and now I see why.... oh goodness. It's worse than!

  2. Yeah, but I don't think they are open during the I think you can only go on the weekends! People definitely dress wacky! but not EVERYONE does. We take Kaila every year and she handles it fine. She stares a lot but doesn't ask too many questions.