Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Visitors and Coming home

Trey was going absolutely stir crazy while we were in the hospital and couldn't WAIT to get out of there. We couldn't get any sleep with all the hospital staff constantly in and out. Not to mention, the weather outside was BEAUTIFUL and all we could do was stare out the window to the side of a parking garage. Boo. So while I was in the shower on discharge day, Trey packed up all of our belongings, changed and clothed Cash in the outfit I'd brought for him to go home in and surprised me with this cuteness when I got out: (he had even taken pictures already)

Trey's great Aunt Margie made the booties (and a hat to match, but it was WAY too big for right now).

We had several visitors while we were in the hospital. I only got my camera out a couple times. My sister did a better job of taking photos for me, but I haven't received her images yet. I will update again once I receive them. Her plan was to try and get here just before Cash's birth so she could photograph the delivery for me, however, Cash arrived just a few hours early. Danielle and Aubrey still got maximum time with him, but it still put a little damper on our photography plans. Oh well.

So here are some of the photos me and Leslie (MIL) got of our visitors in the hospital and the days after here at the house.

His hospital visitors included Poppy Crawford, Danielle and Aubrey, Amy and Kaila, "Uncle" John, "Tia" Leticia and Leah, Lindsey and Debbie (whom he didn't get to see as the nursery had him), but they brought him the cute mum on the door and also one for his bassinet that the nursery brought him back and forth in, and of course Oma and Grammy and PaPaw. Pop Bill was there for his birth also, but we didn't get any pictures of Pop Bill or PaPaw I don't believe. :(

Gigi and Poppy came to visit at the house afterwards as they were at a bowling tournament in San Antonio while he was being born. Gigi will owe him flowers or an Edible Arrangement every year on his birthday just like Poppy does for Amy since she missed it. ;)

Our good friends Bobbie and Damion came to visit the day we came home as well; but we neglected to take photos of their visit.

*This post has been edited..I have updated it with photos from my sister!*

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