Tuesday, December 27, 2011

26/27 weeks

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was a typical one for us. Driving everywhere to see everyone in a short amount of time. At least we got to be with all of our loved ones, even if it wasn't for much time with all.

I'm realizing I didn't get many pictures, but I believe others did, so we'll all have to share.

Danielle and I did get some belly pictures together, comparing so those are cute.

I also got a picture with one of my favorite gifts from Mom - Nutcracker duos. A Red Raider Nutcracker to represent me and a duck hunter Nutcracker to represent Trey. They are perfect!!

I've also included a sneak peak of the work-n-progress changing table/dresser that Trey's dad is building for the nursery.

please disregard the wonky eye my camera likes to give me from time to time.

I am 26/27 weeks here and Danielle is 17/18 weeks.


  1. That dresser is amazing! Benjamin loves to do woodworking as well - so handy!!

  2. Thank you Sara! I'm super excited about how everything is turning out. My dad is doing the finishing on it, so it's in the home stretch now. I can't wait to see the finished prodcuts! I'll post pictures of it all finished as well.

    Does Benjamin plan on building nursery furniture for you guys when that day comes? If so, that'll be super sentimental for y'all! :)