Thursday, December 1, 2011

23 weeks

We had a doctor's appointment today. Everything was great! Baby kicked the wand from the doppler machine right off my stomach almost as soon as the nurse put it there! He was not happy with getting his heart rate checked. It rang in at a strong 156 BPM once we got it back on there. It has increased from the first measure (138). My glucose tolerance test is in 4 weeks. I'm looking forward to that one. *insert sarcasm.* I've heard that's torturous. Our 3D/4D ultrasound is scheduled for 1/21.

He is moving more and more each day and I just love to feel him. Trey has been able to feel him lately as well. At first he was indifferent to it, but has begun to take more interest in it. It's more frequent and more solid and now that I'm showing more - it's just all around sinking in more.

The nursery is painted! That's it. Nothing else has been done in there. But hey, that's some progress, right?

I'm heading back to brave Canton again this weekend with Mom and Danielle. This time there's an 80% chance of rain. It just gets better and better. HA. Maybe the crowd will be less? One can hope anyway. I'm taking my rain gear. Will post again afterwards and let ya know how that goes.

I will leave you with this:

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