Monday, September 6, 2010

gettin' the lease ready...

Last weekend Trey and I went to the lease in La Pryor to get another stand up so the deer can get ready for it. We took dad with us and thought we might get another hog on the ground while we were there. I didn't feel like hunting, but dad and Trey took every opportunity they could.

We got there super late on Friday night, Trey spotted a cougar stalking the bunkhouses as he was unloading the truck (luckily I was already in bed). Saturday morning Dad and Trey got up and hunted (saw lots of deer, but no pigs). They came back and got me, went and got breakfast tacos, came back and we put up the stand. Then we went and took a dip in the Nueces River. Gosh that felt so good after being out in the blistering hot sun. :)

These prickly pears don't taste so good....blech..

This stand is Trey's most recent creation. It's a 6x6 gun/bow blind. It's stationed about 20 yards from the feeder with the intention of being a bow blind. He welded it all together but has a turf floor lining. We spray painted the camo on the outside ourselves. Can you tell?

This is the 360' rifle stand Trey's dad built out of scaffolding. It's pretty cool.

This was a stand that Trey built. He built the base out of steel and tied down a pop-up ground blind to it.

The Nueces River was nice and refreshing... :)

Our huntin' buggy... Dad and I used it as a stand for the evening hunt on Saturday. We sat in the top seats and still didn't see any pigs. Didn't see any deer either. We did see a family of pheasants. They were cute :)

Sunday morning Dad and Trey had another unsuccessful hunt and then we went home.

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