Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Father's Day...kinda late.

For Father's day, Trey and I took Dad to the hunting lease just outside of Uvalde. I took Friday off work and we headed out there Friday morning to have a bit of a long weekend. When we arrived on Friday afternoon, Dad and Trey did some "landscaping" (weedeating and mowing) around the trailer park area that the leasers stay in when out there since its so far away from town. Trey neglected to tell Dad to stay away from the trailer next door with the weedeater. It was infested with bees. And Dad COULD NOT get away from them. I think when he FINALLY got the swarm away, well enough to come in the trailer to cool off and settle down, I pulled at least a dozen stingers out of him. I felt horrible. The positive is that we now know that he is NOT allergic to bees. :) He cooled down and took a nap and we were able to get out in "the stand" for an evening hunt, and he even shot a hog. But sadly, there was so much brush, we never found it. The buzzards did on Saturday though. :(

Our makeshift stand: (the cows LOVE laying on the tarp during the day!)

Dad's scopin' it out...because we were so far away...

...we were about 33 yards from our feeder.. :)

checkin' it out through the scope..

a roadrunner...found out some interesting stuff on them thanks to boredom and Google :)

some pretty cacti

Trey and Dad puttin' some feeders together...thought they looked funny :)


  1. lol...not to be picky or anything, but if this is a lease where people pay to go hunting, WHY aren't there normal stands?!?! LOL

  2. There are normal stands; but this this feeder was best for hogs and Trey didn't have a stand up for it yet. :) PLUS, they were in the process of making him move it because it was too close to someone elses feeder. So, it will have a stand with it at it's new location.