Sunday, March 14, 2010

Livestock Show and Rodeo

Trey and I went to the rodeo on Saturday to see my boyfriend, Blake Shelton. (yes Danielle, he's MY boyfriend :D) I'm not sure whether I was more excited to see the concert or to see my new favorite rodeo event - Mutton Bustin'. (description about it above the video) We did some shopping - not much of course because that would take money, and we sure don't have much. But it was fun looking around. We saw some border collies herding sheep and a majority of the livestock. There were some very cute animals doing cute things and also some VERY impressive animals. Made me want to live on a farm and raise day maybe...(there were wayyyy too many pics of the animals to choose from, so here are only a few) As is the case with any event in which the entire city attends, there is always bound to be people wearing things that 1) some people should NOT be allowed to wear and 2) just shouldn't be allowed. Period. Trey and I ready to rodeo! Here is the score board from the bull riding. Three and only three riders actually made it the full 8 seconds. There were some tough bulls! A BADASS Lambourghini. Poor guy (gal?) was sleepy. The border collie herding the sheep. This was a rather fun event to watch. Clearly this guy was not having any fun.. My boyfriend...Blake. ANNNND...they're off! I have never seen a cow milked by one of these things...but it was cool!
Mutton Bustin'. The cutest thing ever. The object is to have a lineup of several 4-6 year olds put on the vest and helmet that a bull rider wears (kid sized of course). These kids wrap themselves as tightly as possible around a big, fluffy sheep. The open the gate and the sheep takes off. The kid has to hang on as long as possible in order to win. They are scored based on their performance, but the winner is always the longest time. This video does NOT EVEN do it justice!

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